The Other Side of Magic

In a world inspired by Northern Italy, a revolution is brewing.
Everyone in the realms of Epidalio and Zafiria is born with magic, but with every spell they cast, their power wanes.
Almost everyone, actually.
Princess Gaiane Asares of Zafiria is infinitely powerful, a weapon of mass destruction kept segregated in a tower and used against her will to conquer Epidalio. Leo, on the other hand, was born with no magic at all, except for her brain, wits, and the anger for the fate of her family after the invasion.

Ester Manzini

I was born in Italy’s lakes region in 1985, which sounds cool until you realize it means fog and cold or mosquitos and sweat. I’m the daughter of a family of doctors, scientist and nerds. And it shows.

I spent my teen years focusing on classical studies, but I was so bad at translating ancient Greek that I turned to science when time for choosing college came. Still, it’s in high school that my passion for books, stories and mythology was born, and it never stopped growing · see more

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